Gazinantep Cuisine in Four Seasons

-20% Gazinantep Cuisine in Four Seasons

Gaziantep Cuisine has been continuously enriched by a synthesis of Turkish lifestyle, Turkish dietary habits and cultural interactions since the past; It has reached to the present day with its flavor and accumulation with its meat, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and winter dried ingredients. The cuisine of Gaziantep is a combination of Central Asia, Mesopotamia and Mediterranean cuisine. It has a range of dishes ranging from 500 different flavors with spices, olive oil, meat and cereals.

One of the rare cuisines in the world cuisine, called Gaziantep, is one of the rare cuisines in the world cuisine. was published by. We have published this book as a result of long efforts to the reader by translating it into English. The English cookbook was well received by foreign chefs at the Gastroantep Festival. Gaziantep dishes have also entered the world food literature by taking their place with their names and recipes. For centuries, traditional taste and flavor of the wealth of extant without losing something in the style of construction, has now become capable of easily made outside Turkey

This is From the UNESCO Creative Cities Network within Gastronomy Gaziantep Cuisine in Four Seasons. This study shows the dishes and recipes of Gaziantep’s rich cuisine with rich photographic visuals. The book, which is the product of a long-term study, reveals the culinary culture of Gaziantep with scientific data.

Gaziantep Cuisine in the book; soups (20), kebabs (20), meat dishes (63), fruit dishes (19), yoghurt dishes (24), meatballs (25), stuffings and wraps (28), rice (45), pies and lahmacunlar (18 ), olive oil dishes and snacks (28), salads, markets and coriander (43), desserts (49), receller and syrups (35), breakfast cereals (19). In addition, in the winter preparation section of the Gaziantep Cuisine, which holds an important place in the drying.

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